Hello beautiful,

My name is Alexis and I officially launched my blog on April 15, 2020. I started my blog as an outlet to write about anything and everything. As a lifestyle blogger, I cover content anywhere from beauty, college, Jesus, and anything in between. My number one goal is to grow in my skills and knowledge, put myself out there, inform my readers, and spread positivity. This is a place where I will be myself, share my thoughts, and improve every step of the way.

While I may be new to the blogging world, I’m chasing my passion with everything I have. I’ve always been in love with writing, so I’m extremely grateful to be able to have a space to write out every little thing going on in my mind. I love to write about topics from fashion to traveling, and much much more. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, click on a link, and expore a small portion of my world. 

From suggestions, questions, or if you would just like to chat click feel free to contact me. I absolutely adore feedback and would love to get to know each of you. If you want to connect subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on social media!

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