15 motivational quotes for when life feels like a drag

Life is something none of us should take for granted, but often it can become really easy to get in a slump and not want to stay productive, reach for our goals, or frankly do anything. With the countless issues each of us are facing, I thought I could share a few inspirational quotes about the positive sides of life. 

This being said I know that reading these quotes won’t fix your problems. It won’t magically solve the solutions you’ve been working towards. It probably won’t even make your mood shift dramatically. These quotes aren’t solutions, they’re simply a little motivation and inspiration for when you’re fighting to get out of a slump. 

Down below I’ve atttached 15 differnt quotes that I found that include various topics about the upsides of life. I know how easy it can be to get down. Positivity isn’t an easy feat. I just wanted to provide a few encouraging and uplifting quotes that may help shine some light on the struggle you may be fighting. 

If one or all of these quotes really touches your heart, feel free to share it on Pinterest, save it as your wallpaper, or post it on your Instagram story! I’d love to see which inspiring quotes you liked the best.

with love,

alexis <3

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  1. Mia McKinley

    Yes!! Love all of these, especially in time like these💖

    1. withlovealexis

      Quotes like these have definitely helped me during these times. Thank you for reading!

  2. Lexie

    Sooo many quotes I’m now in love with, more tattoo ideas!! Thank you for this post I really enjoyed reading it!

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