caddo gap, arkansas: kayaks + waterfalls = perfect adventure

On Friday, my family, my friends, and I went on a day trip to start off the summer. We woke up at five in the morning and drove three hours into Caddo Gap, Arkansas to go kayaking and do a little hiking. It was an exciting adventure that I would highly suggest to anyone who loves the water and craves some sunshine. 

After waking up and eating some breakfast, we arrived at Arrowhead. Arrowhead is a company in Caddo Gap that has cabins, float trips, and bunk houses (Click here for more on Arrowhead). If you’re looking for more than a one day trip it’s a great place to camp for the weekend, but we chose just to float.

You can choose between canoes, kayaks, or tubes to float down the Caddo River. No matter which you choose it will be so much fun, but for our group we had individual kayaks and one two person canoe. 

Once we arrived, we hopped into our kayaks and started our ride down the river. If you’ve never kayaked before, it’s something that is easy to pick up on, so you’ll feel like a pro in no time. 

The ride down Caddo River was absolutely perfect. The water was just high enough that we were never forced to do the heavy lifting, but the rapids weren’t overwhelming either. The river’s water was a gorgeous color and so clear you could see the rocks at the bottom. 

I loved having such a good balance between fun exciting rapids and relaxing peaceful water. It made for a great experience. 

Along the river there are also multiple banks you can choose to stop at. Since we had a canoe, we were able to bring some lunch in our waterproof bags for when we started to get hungry. 

In total it took us about three hours to float down the river, including our stops for food. The views were gorgeous, the water clear, and the adventure was one I’ll never forget.

After our amazing experience we chose to go on one more fun escapade before starting our drive back home.

Next we headed to Little Missouri Falls. This was only about thirty minutes away, so we just couldn’t leave until we saw the beautiful waterfalls. 

Little Missouri Falls is a beautiful pool of waterfalls at the end of a very little hike. It’s has gorgeous water, and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even swim in the falls. 

I loved being able to see such a beautiful view and enjoy the peaceful sound of the water hiting the rocks. 

This little day trip to Arkansas was one hundred percent worth the drive. It was a beautiful place to visit, and I cannot wait until I’m able to go again.

with love,

alexis <3

A Few Beautiful Photos We Took On Our Adventure

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  1. Mia McKinley

    Sounds like such a fun day!! I’ve never been to Arkansas but it’s definitely on my bucket list now!!

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