As the owner and creator of this blog, there are various ways I can earn money while doing what I love. For this website, I produce affiliate links that are associated with various brands or companies. I want to share the following information with each of my readers in order to enforce my transparency as a blogger.

Affiliate Link Disclaimer

As an affiliate marketer, I work with different companies that provide me with links. I then am able to share those links with the readers of my blog. Through these links, my readers are able to buy products that feature. Through qualifying purchases, I can earn a commission. The commission that I earn from these products does not cost you, as the buyer, any extra money.

I also participate in the rewardStyle program. This means that based on consumer clicks on affiliate links I earn some form of commission. This commission, as stated above, will not cost you at any extra charge.

FFC Rules on Sponsorships

Through rules provided by the Federal Trade Commission, if there are any products on my blog post that are sponsored, I must clearly state my sponsorship with that brand clearly. However, if I have a post that contains my own personal views, along with my purchases made with my own money for review, I must state that the post is not affiliated with any brand and purchased by me.