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Buying gifts for someone special in your life is no easy feat. It’s always a battle to find something that you know they’ll love, you can afford, and that can serve as something special to cherish forever. While I’m sure they boys won’t agree, buying for them isn’t easy. I can’t count how many times my friends, or myself, have been lost wondering what gifts to get for their boyfriends. If you’re in this situation don’t worry I’m here with your guide to gifts your special boy will love. If you fall in love with a look, idea, or present click on the photo associated with it to shop the idea.

Date Night: Concerts, Football Games, & More

If you’re looking to celebrate your special someone in a unique and special way, you can always give the gift of memories. In other words, you can give them concert tickets, football tickets, or simply plan a special day for them. This is a super fun idea because it’ll be something they’ll never forget and you can enjoy together. I love being able to look back on the event we went to and remember the amazing moments we shared. You can either gift the tickets/plan to them ahead of time, suprise them on that day with the event, or give it to them for the event that is at a later date. No matter which you choose it is so much fun to be able to look back at such amazing memories. 

Couples Bracelets

One gift that always hits on the heart and is an affordable gift to buy are couples bracelets. Couples bracelets serve as an amazing present. I love this gift idea because it is something that he can wear that will remind him of you. Obviously not all boys like bracelets, but if you’ve seen them where one before then they’ll love wearing one that has sentimental value. Even if he isn’t really a bracelet type of guy, if it’s from you, most likely he’ll still wear it because of its special connection to you.

Mementos For Any Occassion

I don’t know about you but I love looking down at a keychain from a special someone or seeing a polaroid sitting next to my desk. Little mementos like this are extremely special and easy to give as gifts. No one knows him like you so choose something you know will pull on his heart strings. A few easy examples include keychains, old movie stubs, a photo album, or hand written letters. You can give them to him as individual gifts, or pack them together. This is an idea that you can add a little creative touch to, so have fun with it! No matter which heart felt present you choose or how you plan to give it to him, it is a cute meaningful gift that he’ll hold close to his heart. 

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Photo oriented presents are always a great gift option. It’s so special to receive a framed photo, collage of memories, or anything with a sweet photo tied into it. Personally, I’ve found there are multiple ways to incorporate photos into a present. One easy way to do this is by creating your own personal anniversay/birthday card and printing it at home. Another way is to add a bunch of images onto a sentimental letter or number in the form of a college. If you’re looking for a simpler idea just buy a cute picture frame and then add your own photos. There are endless things you can do with photos that he’ll want to hold onto forever. 

Packages of Love

Another creative and heartfelt present you can give is a collection of things you know he’ll love. This is one of those gifts that is so special and unique to every couple. You can theme it by his favorite color, team, or series, or you can make it a little bit of everything. In your package you can including but not limited to: sweet notes, snacks, photos, favorite candy, a blanket, “open when” letters, etc. The list can go on and on and the options are literally endless. I love putting together these packages because you can make it your own and put any little spin on it. He’ll love receiving such a thoughtful present from his girl.

I hope you enjoyed each of these gift ideas and I hope that you’ll try them out! I love giving and putting together presents for the peeople I love, and wanted to share a few fun heartwarming gift ideas that he’ll hold onto forever. 

with love,

alexis <3

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